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Hey all,

I believe I have the dreaded ECU failure on my Astra G (TS), so I'm need of a changeover.

I have a unit (and the transponder etc) coming from a donor car, but my question is;
Whats the difference between ecu numbers?

Mine has the 09158670 and the donor is a 55351702
Mines a 2002 Z18XE manual, the donor is a 2003 Z18XE auto, so clearly it'd need to be programmed accordingly using scan tool etc.

Ive seen a bunch of listings that loop the 670 and the 702 together and some without...

I have access to the necessary programming tools etc, but I guess the bottom line is;
can they be swapped if programmed options are changed?


I don't want to fork out buckets for a ecu exchange as I could just about buy another Astra for $600 they want to exchange... Nor do I want to treat the car as a 'throw away' which is so common these days...
besides, I just put four new tyres on her! :roll:
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