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Hi all,

For ages now I've had that light with the spanner on. I got a mechanic to use his diagnostics reader and he said it was the coolant temperature sensor, cleared the code and the warning light, but it came back on the next day.

After recently discovering the pedal test, I have found the fault code ECN 218217 comes up, and with some research it looks like it is definitely the coolant temperature sensor.

I have a 59 reg Astra SRi XP 1.8l.

Could someone please link me to a website or auction on eBay to the right part that I need? I'm having trouble finding the right one.

Also, I have recently bought a Haynes Manual, and I have found the repair I need. I am a complete beginner as far as mechanics and repairs are concerned, is this something I can do myself with my manual, or should I take it to the garage again?

Thanks, Joe.

EDIT: I have just found this on eBay, it says it is compatible for my car, would anyone know for certain if this is the part I need? Thanks.
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