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Hello! I bought a 1999 1.6 16v Opel Astra G just a few days ago and it isnt running smoothly anymore. So for a little background- the car ran pretty alright when i bought it and then stoped on the road. it turned out that an improper fuel hose had been installed and it had burst but before noticing that I already changed fuel pump and relay. Later I replaced the burst hose too and it ran for a while but then it started stalling on the road every time I would let off the gas pedal.

Initially i thought it might be the idle valve but it seems to be clean, butterfly valve also seems to be ok. Then I tried disconnecting and connecting the battery hoping its the computer and it would restart.

Anyway, now the car Idles fine (still swings after coming to a stop but doesn't cut out) but when i push in the accelerator, RPMs drop (and the car almost stalls) before going up.

has anyone had a similar issue? I read that it might be something with fuel pressure so maybe the new pump doesn't work properly or i messed up something while installing it? Any suggestions would help as i don't think it's even safe to drive now.
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