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Goodyear Eagle NCT5

Perfectly OK and very good on wet roads, Hardly worn after a year, but quite "noisy". Only got them because they were cheap 12K

OK, no dramas. Hint of aquaplaning on big motorway puddles (M58 and M57 especially) 19.5k

Goodyear Excellance

Good all round tyre in wet and dry

Fullrun HP199

dry - good / wet - good

Bridgestone Turanza

In the dry, superb, wet reasonably good also for £60+ per tyre

Hankook Optimo 4Seasons

Personal thoughts
Nice enough tyres, excellent in the wet, pretty good in ice and snow. Summer use is OK - a little understeer when pushing on. Summer use is very like the Pirelli P7 I had on before, which were a bit rubbish all round. Probably would just go for a summer tyre next time (Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance would probably be my choice).

Continental WinterContact T830

Excellent in snow, wet and cold weather, These tyres (as well as other winter tyres I would expect) are a life saver. Got them for my Astravan and also the wife's Skoda Octavia VRS - they are so much better in the winter it is well worth the initial outlay (I also got spare 16" wheels for both vehicles). Please note that as they have softer sidewalls, they give a slightly spongier feel round corners etc but there is no probs as you will be driving with more care in the winter conditions anyway. They are also extremely quiet, I will certainly get them again
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