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Hi all

I think interrupted a regen of my dpf earlier when I pulled up to some traffic lights, I had the higher idle and sitting at 0.4l/hr rather than 0.1or 0.2.

When I pulled off the sound was really loud and boomy, the turbo spooling was really loud (I could clearly hear it with the windows up and the radio on.

I have never heard it like this before. It sounded really good, even for a diesel, dead chavvy but good for a one off.
I have dual stainless steel tail pipes with no silencer in the back but really that makes no difference to the day to day noise of the car.

Has anyone else noticed this occurrence? I'm hoping the noise and turbo spooling louder is just the ecu overfueling and attempting to keep the dpf hot.

Any thought would be great. Thanks

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