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I've got a kind of clattering sound coming from the drivetrain when the engine is not under load / freewheeling at low speed etc - ie no noise when being driven over say 15 - 20mph

I got my local garage to look at it, suggesting I thought that it may be the CV joints - however they said there was no sign of wear of the CV joints / boots,

However I can't believe they missed this......

I just crawled under the car and immediately spotted this (drivers side driveshaft) - on the left is the intermediate shaft bearing and on the right is the joint at the inner end of the driveshaft. The whole lot is covered in grease, and the o-ring (immediate left below the bolt head) is pretty wet.

So think this is the likely culprit - not sure if it's actually the inter-shaft bearing that's failing, or the inner CV joint

Anyone got any advice / experience of this please...

Looking at workshop-manuals it would appear the the intermediate-shaft and the drive shaft are bonded with Loctite262 then left for 12hrs - so maybe the garage didn't want to take this on.

Thanks in advance, Geoff

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