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Hello, it's my first post.
I recently got a 2005 Astra H 1.4 from a relative who was keeping it in the garage for years. It has only 20.000km but the engine has starting issues. It's cranking but it takes many attempts to start. The battery is new and I have replaced the coils (which probably wasn't needed). I live in Greece and there is no local dealership for about 100km. A local mechanic is suspecting the fuel pump due to the fact that the car was parked for years, but I don't want to pay €230 based on a huntch.
I swapped the fuel pump relay with another and I noticed that there is a noise from the fuel pump when I turn on the electronics that I'm pretty sure wasn't there before. It's better now but it needs two or three attempts to start.
I scanned for fault codes using a generic OBD scanner and it gave me 3 codes (U2100, U2140 and U2141). There are no engine codes stored.

Could my starting issue be related with the CIM module? I see that there are CAN-BUS communication problems with UEC and REC. What do they mean? I contacted the nearest dealership and the told me that there are not recalls or firmware updates for my car. Is there any way to find out myself using the VIN number?
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