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Where to begin...

So about a month ago when accelerating up a steep hill the revs were climbing then wobbled, then continued to rise. This happened a few times. Also when changing gear there would be a delay when shifting before I could accelerate. I wasn't sure if it was a clutch issue or getting clogged with dirt. I also noticed my car started to sound rough the small boost hose at the front right of the engine had popped itself off, when it was pushed back on it sounded fine again. The rpm wobble stopped. - I don't know if that is related to the main issue:

Last Saturday I was driving home and there was a whistle sound, but it was dark and could not see anything. The next morning I opened the bonnet and coolant tank looked empty. I went to fill it, when I unscrewed it coolant came back in, but a lot was missing, a lot of gas/steam also escaped. The rubber seal between the window and coolant task was wet where gas/coolant had escaped through the pressure blow off.

I got one garage to test the coolant tank for exhaust gas, and they said it wasn't. I got a new pressure cap just in case but no difference. I took it to another garage and they said their was exhaust gas.

It isn't blowing smoke out the exhaust. It has the egr delete, and its been like that for 5+ years. I know it sounds like a head gasket, but some pages say it could be the EGR cooler? I thought that if the EGR was blocked off there would not be any gas going through the egr cooler, so don't understand how it would get gas in the coolant?

Would love any help or suggestions. I've had her for 10 years and done nearly 160k miles.
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