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I was changeing the filters in the garage, and the door was left open for a bit longer.
I took out the glove box, changed the filter behind it, and I was using the interrior light to see inside of the car. It was probably 1 hour or so. Then I went about 100meters with the car to get back to my parking spot.
The next day morning moved the car to a place where I was parking last night during the filter change, and changed the air filter.
Turned the car on-of about 3 times, turned on the AC to check if it's work Than...
When I want to start the car again, nothing...
Just the click click click click clik...
I get a friend to jumpstart the car, hooked up his car, to my battery, still click-click-click nothing.
By the end of the day, I have had soo many tries, that made my battery probably flat, because when I turned on the AC, it cuted off the interrior lights with a door opened.
I've checked the led on the top of the battery it shows black. No green/red or any color, nothing...
So What could it be?
If a battery problem, would I still hear the Click-Click-Click-Click ?
I've had lights inside the car... Considering the parking from one spot to another I can say, I've made about 3 short trips, and started the car couple of times without even moving it...
So Am I drained my battery, or the car starter give it up?
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