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I think some vandal has scratched my car don’t know how else it could have happened unless it was a shopping trolley or a bike handle bar. I suspect the loser that did it because he asked me if I was leaving a parking spot as he came down the road and I said no I have just parked here. He asked me to move forward because there was space in front but I don’t think it was enough for him to fit behind me because he had a van. I did move forward but as I did a van left a space on the opposite side of the road which was an bigger space so as the guy came back I pointed him to it and he parked there but looked ****** off. I left my car back where it was parked before because I needed to fit a side mirror replacement on the side parked towards the kerb. I didn’t really look at my car rear door the next day when I drove, but I noticed it the day after that.

Not sure if that grey in the the chip is the primer or the bare metal layer I want to get a Halfords touch up kit and try and seal it up so it won’t rust, but I don’t know if I need to use the primer or not. The scratch is just about a cm tall the white parts of the scratch are rough not sure if I sand them first I think the kit has something for sanding.

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