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Hi there
I've got some battery drain going on for some time on my 2004 astra g coupe (LHD)

I've tested the drain inline to the battery : 0.33mA
I first isolated the main F1 fuse (motor compartment). Removing it and the drain drops to 0.05mA
I checked wich system/fuse are under F1 and i rapidly find the culprit : fuse #34. Which controls Info Display / Autoradio

Since i've got some aftermarket stereo i'm starting to think maybe i've got some issue with the wiring, but i did not cut/modify the original harness everything is plug and play :
Pioneer source + steering stalk adapter (PC99-X06) + unmodified ISO harness

But i recall reading a long time ago that on thoses cars you had to switch the +12 permanent and the +12 contact on the ISO harness
It's been a struggle to fit all this (stereo+adapters/wiring) under the center console, so before taking it all back to check, maybe some of you could help / have some suggestions ?

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