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Hello all. Haven't been here in a while, I posted on here years ago as I had an old Astra F from 2010-2013 until it finally gave up the ghost.

Anyway, I purchased a 63 plate GTC just over a week ago and the auto headlights are already getting on my nerves. It seems they are a common gripe with Astra J and K owners. I've been flicking them off every time I start the car, but I've got to the stage where I'd just rather be rid of them altogether.

I decided to pull the fuse for them out, located the position for the fuse in the manual (position 12 in the engine bay fuse box), went out this morning to remove it, and... there is no fuse in that position in my car.

1) Is that normal?
2) How can they still be functioning with no fuse present?
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