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I have an Astra J hatchback, 2015 reg, I think it is “pre facelift” but not sure. Reg 31-03-2015
It has slow punctures on both off side wheels
My tyre garage (Formula 1 Autos) told me that air is leaking from between the valve body and the alloy wheel seat.
They say that if I can get hold of replacement valves they will replace them. They say that this will not involve disturbing the TPMS.

Are they correct?
Is the TPMS separate from the valve on this car? All I can find are combined TPMS and valve units.
Is it worth just screwing the nut down a bit?
I have heard of “screwed type” and “clipped type”, TPMS which type do I have?
Do I have manual learn or auto learn?

I have attached images of

1. Mine in place
2. Version A available on internet looks like mine
3. Version B on internet. Is this the same as A but with the securing nut removed?
4. Valve only, with no tpms, is this designed for my car?
A large reputable local tyre fitter, Micheldever Tyres, have a universal tpms device called an i-smart, does anyone know anything about this brand? 1 my tyre valve in place.jpg 2 valve and sensor vesion A.jpg 3 valve and sensor version B.jpg 4 valve only, will it fit.jpg


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