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Hi All,

Got abit of an issue with my missues's J and was hoping for abit of advice.

I noticed a decent sized oil patch on the drive Saturday morning - similar to the circumference of a 5l paint tin.

I was having a look yesterday after telling her not to use it and i've noticed a oil drip coming from the intercooler intake pipe at the top as it fits on to the engine. I can't see signs of it coming from anywhere else but have got it going into the garage tonight to get it looked at (was booked into MOT tomorrow tomorrow funnily enough)

The oil has been leaking and collecting on the sump cover and dripping off overnight (sloped drive) i've taken that off and there hasn't been any signs of oil over night (probably because the engine hasn't running)

My main concern is if it is coming from the boost pipe - it obviously means theres oil getting to the turbo and i am worried about it going on a runaway on the way to the garage tonight which is a 2 mile drive.

I've attached some photo's of the offending but surely if there's alot of oil coming from there it can't get a good sign???

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