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hello just had car mot'd and passed with advisories on break disks. couple days later steering gone stiff with some clunking when turning left to right quickly while driving.
Noticed that the driver side strut mount was moving when i turned the wheel so we assumed maybe spring broke up top. Removed shock absorber and noticed the drop link on driver side was worn. Removed spring from strut, not broken. When compressing the shock absorber it would only rise an inch or so and stop. Took strut and top mount bearing to garage he said they are both fckd and need replacing and this was why steering heavy. Assuming this was the issue i got a new strut and bearing fitted but the steering still stiff. Will order a couple drop links this week and fit but im thinking it may be alternator related or bad rack. the hidden menu shows 13.5-13.7v while engine running. lots of fluid in power steer res.

any ideas?
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