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As in title I get the diagnostic code P0170 Lean Mixture periodically. When I finally get the car running after several tries it runs fine both on idle and during load.
At first it was hard to start again after a little drive, but now it has started to be hard to start even after letting it sit for a day or two. Trying to roll start the car does not work either, I've had mixed luck with holding the throttle 25% ish down while turning the ignition key. Other times the car will die out if I touch the throttle...

So currently the car is hard to start, when I get it running it sometimes dies out when touching the trottle. But when I start it with 25% throttle down and hold it around 3000rpm I can get it going, and it runs fine until next time I try to start it again.

Is it a bad fuelpump, clogged fuel filter or egr? It seems like its not getting fuel or something when its not willing to start...
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