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Hi everyone,

Yesterday I parked my Astra H, from 2005, after an hour of commuting, today I woke up and started the car to find out that overnight my cars fuel consumption has hone through the roof. I normally drive about 5,5L/100km urban and 6-7.5L/100km on the highway. Now after just starting my car I get about 7L/100km urban and 11-12L/100km on the highway, and my idle consumption went from 0.9L/hour to about 4L/hour.

I went to the garage to get them check it out for vacuum leaks but they couldn’t find anything. He was not able to read the fault codes because the guy with the OBD computer was not in.

I have a cheap OBD scanner which didn’t detect any fault codes, I also don’t see any ECN codes when doing the padle test nor are there any lights on.

has anyone had the same issue before or does anyone perhaps know what is wrong with my car ?

just from one day to the other it started consuming extremely much fuel.

Please note: my car passed the yearly check with no abnormalities in the exhaust gasses.
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