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Hello everyone,

I have just bought an Astra H 2005 1.6, the car is in great shape in general, it only has 34000km, but it has a small problem that is driving me crazy.
The left blinker doesn't work properly. What I have seen is that when the car is in accessory position the blinkers work great, either size and hazards, as soon as I turn it on the left blinker dashboard light starts running, checking from outside the back and side lights are running too, but the front one doesn't even turn on... The car also shows INSP2 (burnt lightbulb, they were swapped and I still have the same problem), what is even weirder is that after a while driving it goes back to normal.

Does anyone know if it's the CIM? I've done the pedal test, the horn works with the lights on and all... OBD2 shows no faults. Could it be the stalk?

Hope someone has some insights.

Thanks in advance!
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