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Hi guys, the Amber spanner light illuminates when driving a few miles and It goes into some sort of limp mode I think where I have to give it more gas to reach normal speeds..馃 also have noticed sometimes when the car is idling, I can see the car slightly revving itself up and down and there is some sort of noise coming from the engine bay it goes away and comes back
Looked online somewhere said could be thermostat
Mileage 145,000
Font Number Document Parallel Screenshot

Also some fault codes when I do the pedal test below.

Speedometer Odometer Car Tachometer Vehicle

Speedometer Odometer Car Tachometer Trip computer

Speedometer Odometer Plant Tachometer Trip computer

Speedometer Car Odometer Tachometer Trip computer

Thanks anyhelp appreciated 馃檹

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The ecn numbers you posted have the following meanings,
of course the fact they are there doesn't mean they are all "present" codes
P0597 61 Coolant Thermostat Valve Stuck
P0011 61 Intake Camshaft Phasing Mechanics Range/Perfomance
P0420 5A Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold
the stat code won't cause the issue you described but i would expect it cause the cooling fan to run
the intake (vvt) code could be the cause of the noise and that in turn may be enough to cause cat problems.

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Your P0014 is for Camshaft Position Actuator (exhuast), the little solenoids you can see in front / back of the engine.

Ideally what you need to do is clear the codes, as pedal tests have no way of seeing what is a current code, and what is a old code.

Swap the solenoids over, from exhuast to inlet side, and vice versa, and see if the code moves to the inlet side. If it does, change the solenoids.

Searching on youtube 'astra h p0014' will help you too to see what needs doing. If you are near Sheffield happy to have a look / scan it for you
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