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Good Morning

Ive got an Astra 2.0 gtc diesal, owned since new, looked after, serviced yearly and its done 64k miles.
There is a humming noise that can be heard from within the car when the engine is running. To me not a mechanic, it sounds like its coming from the middle or lower part of the engine, when listening from under the bonnet.
It can start the noise just by driving upto the lights, or when you go to pull away, or it can start while its driving at any speed. If stationery, if i tap the throtle it can cause the noise to stop completely, then will start again at some point when i pull away.
its not the cooling fan as i thought it could have been this. Its not mega loud but is annoying and when not doing it you can just here the normal diesal engine sound. When its doing it the humming can be heard fairly well within the car, coming from the engine bay.
the car drives totally fine and no performance issues either. Ive had this issue since July.
For the past two weeks ive also had an intermittent clutch click as the pedel comes back up just after biting point. This can go from a click or a clonk noise, to it working like new and no issue at all, depending on the day it seems. Im not thinking these two issues are linked im just hoping people might be able to help on both.
I took it to a garage, not vauxhall yesterday. The clutch on the day was all good, so the said to bring it back when it starts again, which it did later annoyingly. The humming noise they could here but wernt sure what it could be.
vauxhall are wanting £75 to look for each fault which may well result in them not fixing it.
im hoping some others have had this and could help me figure out what the issue could be.
Thank you
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