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I'm new to forum and looking for a bit of advice please.
I have an Astra G CDX 1999 auto X18XE1 engine
The car has been in the family since new so I know any 'quirks'
Has been off the road for a while, but recently recommissioned with full service, cam belt, water pump, temp sensor assy.
All runs fine, but the temp gauge is not behaving as it has done in the past. (Prior to being back on the road)
From cold it used to rise to just over 90 - thermostat opens and drops to 88 where it stays unless stopped in traffic for quite a while when the gauge would climb slowly and the fan would cut in. The movement of the gauge was what you would call slow and damped.

It does exactly the same now on warm up, but when hot it seems to rise to just over 90 after even a short stop - it does fall again when moving, but the gauge seems to become much more 'active' rising and falling either side of the 90 mark. Also if you switch off with a hot engine, leave for a few seconds then turn the ignition back on it shows up to 95 due to heat soak - which again falls on starting.

Heater good, no water leaks, good flow back to header tank, fan working. Only other thing to say is a new cat has been fitted as the old one was blocking and getting hot (which I thought was causing heat soak)

The gauge started behaving like this when the car was taken out of storage and continues to do so after the temp sensor assy was changed so I know it is not that.

So, is there an underlying problem or is it an issue with 'overactive' gauge operation?

Any feedback gratefully received
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