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My 98 Astra G 1.4 petrol Failed MOT/NCT. on emissions,see photo,
High idle CO 0.68 above 0.30 fail Failed
Low idle 0.50 above 0.50 fail Passed (just)
i was having problems with my EGR valve, engine management light on code,
P1405 - Linear Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Position
(00) - Not present
now would this cause the above fail or could it be more then this this?
Full service in July ,car running perfect, had the car 13 years,so every 2/3 years have this common EGR problem,i just get a new egr everytime, problem solved, not this time ,brought new egr but same code came up, thinking maybe faulty new egr?, contacted seller and was immediately refunded which surprised me , look like it had been out of packaging before, so i have ordered another new egr just to rule this out.
would this be more then a EGR problem?


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