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Nice and easy this one.

Tools required:

Cross head screwdriver
Flathead screwdriver

Time required:

5 min's

1) First off remove the door handle cover using your flathead screwdriver. Slide the end of the screwdriver behind the handle at the bottom. Dont put it behind the centre of the cover as that is where the clip is and it'll break. Trust me :$ .

2) With the cover removed disconnect the black connector (shown left) and put the cover to one side. The grey connector that I have circled is the connector left in place for the electric mirror switch if you wish to connect them.

3) Remove the four screws securing the panel along the handle.

4) Then remove the three screws along the bottom of the door and gently tug the bottom of the panel away from the door and the trim clips should come away with it. If they don't remove them later with a trim clip removal tool or a pair of long needle nose pliers. The clips have to be pulled out evenly or else they will snap.

5) Remove the tweeter grill by putting your fingers behind the edge and prizing it off. A grey clip similar to the grey one above will be behind the cover to connect to electric mirrors if you want to insatall them.

6) To remove the panel wind the window down and the panel will lift out easier.

7) The speakers will be available to swap now by removing the three small torx screws. If you are uprating them then you will need a spacer from Halfords to accept the bigger magnets and four screw fitment. The halfords brackets come with a connector that fits from the standard loom connector to the aftermarket spade connectors.

Also by peeling back the plastic you can access the torx scerw that secures the front door rub strips. With this removed the strip can be pushed to the rear and removed. The rear rub strips do not have a screw securing them in place and simply require pushing to one side in order to remove them.

8) All refitting is the reversal of removal.

Have fun guys and PM me if you have any questions.;)
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