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Hi, i'm Foxy_Trance's hubby and i've just fitted the Veccy C intake pipe to Maria's 2.2.

I've seen guides on how to fit these to smaller engine models and the Astra H so i thought I'd do one for you 2.2 guys n gals.

The whole job took about an hour, but i had had a go last weekend so know what bits needed to be removed.

Maria's car is fitted with an Irmscher Air Dam, and I'm not sure if ALL vauxhall bumpers have the same lip.

View of engine bay before any parts removed. you can just see the OEM air duct and connector pipe

First, remove the Offside Torx screw holding the bumper to the wing. I think there should be 2 of them, but the 2nd lower down was already removed.

Second, remove the 2 black clips holding the front of the bumper on. These are 'push-fit' clips and you need to prise the top part of the clip up (i used a small flat headed screwdriver) and then remove the whole clip.

Once these are both removed, you should be able to pull the bumper forward slightly to expose the 8mm hex bolt at the bottom of the offside headlight.

Then remove the final 2 8mm hex bolts holding the headlight on

To protect the bumper paintwork, i placed a soft cloth over it to rest the headlight on whilst i unclipped the wires in order to fully remove the headlight.

Remove the 2 torx screws from the slam panel holding the OEM air duct in place

This was then where the most time was spent, removing the OEM air duct. I pulled the small connector of the air box first

Then, wrestled the larger air duct through the headlight aperture.

view after fully removed, you can see the air box pipe in the lower left part of the pic.

Installing the Veccy C pipe is fiddly, but reasonably straight forward. I reused the 2 Torx screws to hold it in place once fitted. The hardest part was getting the flexible connector to fit the large air duct and the filter box. This is because you have to twist it approx 90 degress out of position and get a good seal. I should have used cable ties to hold it in place and create a good seal, but had none to hand. i'll do this asap.


I hope some people find this useful.

Kev :thumbs:
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