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There has been several different ways to do this metioned on the site but not all ways are universally suited to everyone who wants to try this. The rubber grommet behind the pedals is already in use on some models and the standard wirig loom option is a tight fit for some and may result in cut wires.

This way is user friendly for all Astras and keeps the install very simple.

Equipment required:

Powerlead with fuse holder
Power distribution block (OPTIONAL)

Tools required:

Torx screw driver
Small flathead screw driver
Socket set or spanners

Time to fit:

About 30 min's.

1) Remove the glove box by removing the six torx screws. The top three are removed with it open and the bottom three are removed with it closed.

2) Carefully remove the cable for the box's light.

3) Open the bonnet and remove the rubber trim along the scuttle panel.

Then remove your wiper arms using your socket set or spanners and remove the scuttle pannel by lifting it out one edge at a time.

No need to disconnect the water hose just leave the panel sat on the engine.

4) On the right hand side you should be able to see the heaters intake vent.

The hole goes down to a filter and the fan for the blowers but the filter you can see in the top righ is what we are going through. You need to drill a hole in the top right that is the correct size for your power cable. If you look inside the car, up behind the passenger air bag, above the blower motor you will see the other side of the filter. This can be pushed or wedged forward from the bottom to make it easier to to drill the hole.

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5) With the hole drilled you can now run your cable around the bay. There should be a hole in the metal lip at the back of the engine bay that is big enough to fit the cable through.

The cable can then be fed around the back of the vent to the small notch on the righ hand side then down through the hole that you have driled. The plastic water shield will hold the cable in place when it is clipped back in.

6) The cable can then be pulled through from inside the car. This can be made easier with a bit of WD40 on the cable if it is tight.

Then fed over the metal frame on the left hand side of the recess.

7) From here I fit a PDB so that I can remove the cable easily to fit a new filter if required and can also tap the power off for my PC.

8) From here where you run the power to is up to you . For an amp in the boot it is merely ran along the back of the interior trim at the bottom of the door by pulling off the rubber surround then fed along the back of the rear quarter. Anything else is down to your imagination.;)
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