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This one can be a bit fiddly so it will require a bit of patience but isn't too taxing so have fun.

Tools Required:

Small Flathead screwdrivers
Torx screwdrivers
Stereo removal tools
Allan keys
Glass paint
Smal paint brush

1) Stereo removal.

If you have an aftermarket head unit then it should have been supplied with the correct removal tools for that brand of stereo.

If you have a standard Vaux unit then there will be four allan key grub screws in the corners. Remove these then insert a stereo removal tool into each side of the radio. If you dont have them then you can make them by cutting the corners off of each side of a wire coat hanger and inserting them. But this is more awkward and requires a bit more playing. The removal tools are available from Halfords for about two or three pounds.

Remove the head unit and disconnect any cabling from the back.

2) You will now be able to remove the torx screwes either side of the head unit.

3) Remove the storage compartment by removing the rubber mat and putting a small screwdriver under the plastic retaining clips. There are two on the top as well as the bottom, then slide it out towards you.

4) Remove the Hazard warning light cover by gently prizing it off with a screwdriver then using two screwdrivers remove the switch itself.

5) Remove the plastic around the lighter by prising it off gently and then remove the inner part of the ashtray.

6) Pull the springy ashtray cover down and undo the two torx screws at the bottom of the console

7) With the four screws removed, put one hand at the top of the console, with your fingers on the top and your thumb by the display, and your other hand at the bottom where the storage tray was and firmly pull the console out at the bottom and upwards at the top. The reason for putting your hands on it like this is too ensure that you don't just pull it out from the bottom and snap the console. The top has a small retaining clip in place that make it quite stiff to remove but a bit of gentle persuasion and it will unclip.

8) Unclip the heater controls by sliding a screwdriver underneath the four retaining clips. Two are at the bottom of the stereo hole and the other two are at the top of the storage compartment hole.

Remove the multi function diplay (MFD) cable by pushing the plastic catch down (green) and the lever to the side (red). As you push the lever the connector will pop out. Then remove the MFD by removing the two torx screws.

10) Slide the hazrd warning cable downwards to remove it. The cable will not come out if you haven't previously removed the switch.

11) Remove the blowers by putting a scerwdriver under the four tabs to unclip it.

12) Your console should now be free and have all of the parts removed. If you intend to spray it REMEMBER TO CLEAN IT THOUROUGHLY!! I can't stress this enough as your paint will react with th cleaners used on interior plastics. Better still sand off the top layer of plastic to try and completely remove any chemicals.

13) To remove the heater controls first disconnect the big white connector.

Next there should be three stiff wires attached. The plastic part of the cables should pull out of the white retainer but then need to be gently manouvered to release the centre wire from the controls without bending it as a kink in these wires will affect the feel of your controls.

Where there are two cables connected on one side be careful to remove the clip in the centre so that it doesn't fly off.

14) With the MFD removed and the heater controls removed you can now take out the bulbs. The bulbs merely twist a quarter turn to remove them.

Paint your bulbs with glass paint. It's best to do a couple of thin coats and build up the paint. If you do one thick coat then the paint will run into the holder and get between the bulb and the connectors which will stop the bulb from turning on.

16) When the bulbs have dried put them backinto the controls and MFD then reconnect them to make sure that they still work.

17) Re-fitting is the opposite of removal, just be careful with your control cables as they are delicate and they can be fiddly!!
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