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This is a HOW2 on fitting LED's into a MFD with the white diffuser behind the LCD.

I have fitted 8 LED's so that its readable in the day as by just changing the 2 bulbs for LED's isnt enough.

First of all you need to remove your MFD from the car and open up the MFD. There are clips that hold the black plastic bit on that need to be unclipped (Be careful so as not to damage the flexi as shown below)

Unclip the LCD from the white plastic diffuser and remove the diffuser so it looks like this> Again be VERY careful of the green flexi and try not to pull on it as its only 'bonded' on and will cause line outs on the display if your not careful.

Next you solder 4 LED's in series (Positive to negative of each led) and solder a resistor onto one of the legs.

Place the LED's into the MFD and glue them into place with the LED legs through the hole.

Turn the MFD over and solder the wires onto the original pads (I will update the thread with what pad is positive and negative).

You can then refit the white plastic diffuser and see how it shines through. I angled the LED's so they were shining into the corners to help illiminate any 'hot spots'. Any 'hot spots' will get better when you place the LCD back on so get it the best you can.
This shows the 'hot spots' shining on the diffuser.

And this is the same but with the LCD now refitted. (Hot spots are not noticeable in real life but the camera picks them up really bad)'

Now refit the blackcase and fit it back in the car.
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