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This is a guide on how to fit blue LEDs into the ashtray area including lighter socket.

First remove the ashtray bit from the car. Turn it over and drill 4 5mm holes. You can see 3 here and there is one above them.

Insert the LEDs fully into the holes and Glue the 3 LEDs into the holes that are on the back of the heater and glue the other LED half in making sure it doesnt catch on the ashtray flap. Try and point it towards the clear diffuser that is in the ashtray when its open to get better illumination. Wire them in series (Positive to negative on the LED's) and add a resistor.

The next bit can be done with either the Astra 'orange tinge' lighter surround or for better results get a white surround from an older Vauxhall like a Cavalier etc.
Cut down the plastic light diffuser on the rear of the lighter socket and glue 4 LEDs equal spaced around the outside and 'pointing' at the lighter's light guide. Wire the LED's in series and add a resistor. Glue the legs and any wires you need to add inplace so they dont move.

On the lighter socket itself the middle connector is positive and the outside is negative so wire your 2 lots of LED's to those connections (They are a bug lump of metal so the connectors may take a bit to heat up and melt the solder).

Turn the ashtray around and chech everything still moves ok and not catching on anything and that it lights up correctly.
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