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Hello guys, sorry for my bad English.
I have Astra G 1.6 from 2000 with AC.
There is problem with AC not working as it should.
Went to few mechanic shops and no one fixed it yet.
Last shop filled freon(or what is called) with 650grams as that is in specification. There is no leaks.
So here is thing. AC starts blowing kinda cold air, compresor kicking in but sometimes skips. Fan which is located in front(behind bumper) runs at same time as engine radiator fan.
So if i turn AC on, fan doesnt spin until engine fan spin because of teperature of engine. When i touch AC radiator, its too much hot.

What could cause this. Checked fuses inside and in engine bay, and all are OK.

If someone know this stuff il reply with more details, just ask what do you need.
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