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This includes: Arduino Uno board, breadboard, 75 jumper cables, 4 LEDs, tac switch.

Only opened once to test, everything works perfectly! Also included is all the relevant cables required: USB power cable and 9V battery clip. (can use either one - both do the same thing)

Bought from phenoptix.

Will let it go for £20 including P&P

If you need anymore info then PM me ;)

For anyone that doesn't know what it is then here is a snippet from their website:

Arduino is an open sourced electronics prototyping platform. It is aimed at hobbiests, designers and artists - and therefore needs little technical knowledge to perform simple tasks.
The Arduino can be programmed to perform a task by connecting it to your PC and using the software found on the official Arduino Website The programing language is simple and many examples can be found via a google search. Once programmed your Ardunio will perform the task you've set it until you reprogram it. It can be powered from a 7-12V DC source, this can be from an AC/DC unit or even a battery! The Uno gives you control over 13 digital and 6 analogue inputs or outputs to do with as you wish. What would you do with them? Here are some examples:

  • LED Cube
  • Robot Arm
  • Low Earth Orbit Satellite

You might want to start with an easier application though!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts