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Does anyone use Android Auto at all?

I don't use it hooked up to a headunit or anything, just standalone on my Samsung S8+, but I've recently noticed that the language and/or locale settings appear to have changed to American.

On the home screen, it shows the current weather in F instead of C. This is the biggest giveaway... but something else I've noticed is when using navigation, the phrases it use are different to what I'm used to. For example, "congestion" is now referred to as a "slowdown" and "sliproad" is now "ramp".

The odd thing is that this is purely within the Android Auto app. If I open up Google Maps directly and set up the same navigation, it talks to me in "proper" English rather than "simplified" English (or American if you'd prefer to call it that :p)... but as soon as I go into Android Auto, it goes back to American English.

It's not a big deal, but it does get a little bit annoying. I can't seem to find a setting to change this though.

In Android Auto settings, there is literally no setting related to language or locale.

In Android OS settings, under "General Management" -> "Language and input", my language is set to "English (United Kingdom)". When I open this setting, there are no other language installed.

Anyone come across this issue and have an known fixes for it?

Mike :salute:
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