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I have done the search and found this thread

Now going from that thread I see the parts and there numbers that are needed to replace the manifold and so-forth

But when I did check on some of the numbers there where 2 options so I had added both neither cost much so better to have them than to not and need them

1xManifold Gasket93179058
1xInduction Manifold Gasket93179058
1xEGR Gasket93181665
1xThrottle Valve Body To Induction55205453
1xThrottle Body to Induction Manifold Gasket55205453
1xSwirl Actuator55205127
1xSealer/Locking compound90542117
1xActuator Arm93186274
1xHP Fuel Pipe55215517
1xHP Pump Pulley Nut93178824
1xHP Pup Pulley Washer93178879
12xManifold Nuts93178880


Im just looking into this atm need to save the near $700oz just for parts.

Is there anything else I need?

What other parts could I change while in there ?

Im hoping this may help in the mere 350miles per tank im getting atm but in saying that this current tank of fuel has lasted 5 weeks as I only live 4kms from work and thats with only two longish trips 70kms round so not to bad if u look at it that way :)

Any help would be great....also ive heard something about if im buying from overseas sometimes you can get away without pay VAT ? not sure how this works



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to be honest when i changed my swirl flap manifold on my old 1.9 all i changed was the manifold its self and the gaskets. all the other parts were fine just the manifold bar.

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the swirl actuator should be changed as it learns from the operation of the manifold so using the original may make it not work asw properly as it should
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