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Hi guys I'm in need off help badly
I been building a Astra van for over a year now I'm on my 3rd engine after being ripped off twice by two macanics for over 14 k the last macanic took alot off money off me and me more interested in my dream van not keeping a close eye on the job he had it 4 months with not alot done took 4 grand cash and 2 k in bank transfer to complete the works I'm going to list what spec it is at the end but this is my last chance as I'm now our off money the van costing me over 27grabd I have all records and every single item is brand new the engine has only done a few miles after I got it back to only find he had set it on fire in the engine bay by seeing all the fire extinguisher powder everyeere this engine alone just cost me over 4k !! And it's brand new !! It's runs like **** badly I been trying day and night for the last 3 weeks to do it my self but I'm a plumber and I'm struggling so bad its starts but idles crap cuts out soon as you start to go just jerks terrible and if your foot to the floor it's like it cuts out no response from the throttle then does this repeatedly won't go over 3k revs is there anyone in the Hampshire area who could please help me with this
Ported and polished head with bronze valve guilds
Brand new ina tappets
Weged block
Re borred block to 87mm
Omega pistons
Pec rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts
Brand new core plugs
Brand new bearings
Brand new water pump ,oil pump ,Cambelt and top to bottom gaskets
Piper double valve springs
ACL race cams
Nevlock all in one stem seals

Bilstine coilovers rear springs
Brembo 4 pot front calipars huge discs all new
Braided lines
High flow inlet
630 cc injectors
43 psi fuel pump
Huge gt30 o/w cooled turbo
Trust exhaust manifold
Custom 3 inch hand made straight through to side exit exhaust
Hyper waste gate external with screamer
Brand new spider alloys with brand new tyres all round
3 guages and 7inch ob£/d live data dash
Helix 6paddle clutch solid fly wheel
Big bearings in gearbox
Obviously every single seal ect is band new
Air con delete kit
New alternator
Twin fan ultra alloy cooling radiator
Full vibra technics engine mouhts race one not road so absolutely solid no engine twist ect
Nevlock adjustable cam pullys
Shirt shifter
Real genuine custom cages FIA approved roll cage
Quick release steering wheel
And ultra lock whell studs


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Just got these brand newplugs same as the coil pack bud and nah bud it started off at 6k purchase then it was the lel so started bad laid 3 k for forged engine the macanic done me for 4 k it blew up in a week's he was stealing all the parts while in his possession I then got a 3rd engine for 3.8k the spent 5k at nevlock plus cams helix 6paddle solid fly brembos and over sized discs full bilstine coilovers and so much more ect then got a so called macanic friend off a friend who I didn't know was going through a divorce took my 3.8k cash run off didn't touch my van for 4 months I couldn't even get access to it to only get it back to discover he set the ******* engine bay on fire tats taken me 2 days to hoover all the powder out the bay ! The sad thing is I have a 3year old son and if I'm honest I always had bikes never been into cars but his smile and face telling me to go faster was the hole reason I built this well attempted to was to see his grin getting bigger and bigger such a shame ay were on this planet once get one shot at one mental thing and there so many ***** out there who see money take advantage
Many thanks for your replys
i really appreciate it


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Just a update I got it all back together today but it finally idles and sounds lovely but soon as you touch the throttle it's like a Subaru but worse with the noise just lost at what to do now
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