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I have a 2010 Astra J Sports tourer 1.7 with 52000 miles on the clock.

I have a recurring intermittent problem with the clutch.

Usually the biting point is about half way up but it will sometimes refuse to disengage and the biting point will be right down at the floor. Occasionally the gears cannot be engaged or disengaged at all.

Sometimes lifting the pedal with my foot overcomes the problem, sometimes it doesn't.

The normal pedal travel returns after a while and will be ok for a while. Sometimes for days then it will occur again.

I've spoken to my garage and they initially suggested a clutch replacement at a cost of approx £800. They they suggested trying replacement of the master cyclinder at a cost of around £120 but no guarantees it will solve the problem.

They say they've heard of the issue but don't know what was causing the problem.

Has anyone heard of this issue and do you know what was causing it and how to solve the problem?
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