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Bit of an ongoing saga with my van, She's on 92'000 miles and was running a bit lumpy so i put her to a local garage and they deduced a faulty injector. Got the injector replaced and she ran fine for about 2 weeks then started running lumpy again. there are no warning lights or faults showing

This time i put her straight to vauxhall and they have done checks and say there is no injector issue and no faults recorded so recommended a compression test which i have had done, The results showed cylinder no1 @ 20bar, no's 2 & 3 @ 19 bar and Cylinder no 4 @ 16 bar which they say is well below the specified tolerance/reduction.

she still runs and been advised it would be a strip down job to see what the issue is, whether its a valve or something else.

Anyone encountered something similar and what did you do about it, i dont have the knowledge or tools to do this myself and the garage cost would outweigh the value, maybe see if i can move it on as a project??

Any thoughts would be appreciated
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