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Hello All
the vehicle in a crisis is a
2007 '56' Astra H 1.3 16v CDTI

Using the VauxCheck by gendan, and the pedal test we have 2 occouring codes

P0400 EGR Flow malfunction
P1191 - FPR Circuit Malfunction

So regarding the EGR errors, i have had the EGR out and cleaned
The Egr wasn't that bad, a little bit of soot, eitherway, abit of a clean it was better
The pipe that takes it into the inlet mani was covered in thick gunge, horrible sticky stuff that took some shifting, all cleaned it was returned

However the 2 codes reappeared

So i delved a little deeper
Removed the Angled Pipe from intercooler, the Butterfly valve
Both parts again covered in this horrible thick gunge, all clean the butterfly was moving free and it seemed to cure it
Codes cleared - off we went

Yup Spanner light on again!
Same 2 codes

Removed the Inlet manifold Sensor (near where EGR goes in) and that was cleaned (had the same gunge on it)

However im at an end, i dont understand why this code is coming back

The Fuel error we thought was the fuel filter been blocked, (espically since the INSP4 warning came up - water in fuel)
So filter out cleaned and replaced - But alas im stuck....

What tests can i do?
the Gendan check software has NO actuator or readout abilities, so im stuck as what todo next

the vauxhallowners network forum seem to ignore my post, so im really hoping for some help here!


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Have you tried a different egr? Also could just be a deeper problem as i know some have egr fault codes when the maf messes up.
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