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Hi all.
First post here, as a new (and temporary) Astra owner.
Inherited my stepfather's 2005 1.7 TD estate, and have been waiting for probate on his will so I could sell it, which has been dragging on for six months so far. In the meantime it's not been used, but has always started and run perfectly - I did belts, coolants, oil, filters etc shortly before he died.
Went to move it yesterday and it'll turn over but won't start. Not even a hint of firing.
My OBD reader didn't flag any fault codes, but the pedal test turned up ECN 33529 and ECN 50074. I gather the 50074 is unlikely to be a problem, but am I right in thinking the 33529 is the crank position sensor?
If so, could anyone confirm that the Opel part number is 90512494, and that it looks like this...?
All wisdom gratefully received!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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