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Hi all,

hope that someone can give me some information on how to regenerate the DPF.

Bought an Astra last week, and today the car told me to do a regen cycle and keep driving, but I was about to be late for an appointment, so I couldn't go and drive for 20mins on a highway.

Now the owners manual claims that not doing the regen cycle when prompted can break the car by putting diesel in the sump of some nonsense?? What is going on there?

After my appointment I drove the car at 3k revs for about 20min, but the light and warning never came back on.

So now what? How do I find out whether a regeneration cycle was performed? Do I now have diesel in my sump??

2015 Astra 1.6 CDTI sportsback (or whatever they call the station now) 120k on the clock.
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