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  1. Help!!! Zafira intermittent wipe not working!

    Hi guys, I have a 54 Zafira A Design 2.0DTI. I recently purchased the car and have noticed the first speed (intermittent) is not working whist fast and crazy fast are in working order. The wipers did use to clash, later I fixed the timing. Any help please!! Thanks in advance, Jamie Maik
  2. Help!! Zafira not starting!!!

    Zafira/Zafira Tourer
    Hi. My 2004 Vauxhall Zafira 2.0 DTI is not starting. I cleaned up the egr valve then cleaned up the throttle body. I used WD40 and a vacuum cleaner to clean the gunk out. After putting everything back together, the car would not start. Any ideas? Air lock? Please help. Thanks Jamie Maik
  3. change right front light and bumper on zafira a

    Zafira/Zafira Tourer
    Hi, I need to change a front light and the bumper on my zafira a. Can anyone help me or point in the right thread please. Cheerszafira
  4. Error 0115

    Zafira/Zafira Tourer
    Hi I have problems with my Zafira 1.8 (XER) Easytronic from '07, when I make pedal test I get an error 115 - The temperature of the board computer (test mode) says 73 gr censius - Difficult to start when cold - The cooling fan run continuously I have tried to take both connectors of the...
  5. Would Zafira A hubs fit my astra G? 5 Stud Conversion.

    Astra G
    Hi, Had my Star Silver Astra G Club for 5 month now, I absolutely love her, Wind deflectors, De-badged Grille, 60mm drop at front and 40mm at back, Toyosports Cat back stainless Exhaust, and Pipercross Induction, She's sat on some 195/45/15's atm, Eclipse from BK Racing :D I painted them Arden...
  6. Zafira judder just before DPF regen

    Astra Technical aka The Workshop
    I've had my Zafira 1.9 150 now for a couple of years and until recently everything was fine, but lately I've noticed a really strange, and possibly worrying issue just before the DPF regenerates. The engine is warm, and I'm driving between 60 and 70 mph at something between 2000 and 3000 RPM...
  7. Heko in Scotland? + Eibach Prokit

    Zafira/Zafira Tourer
    Guys, Anybody how to get a set of Heko deflector and Eibach Prokit for Zaf A around Scotland? I'm in dundee this weekend. Cheers, Iwan
  8. [Looking for info] Double DIN on Zaf A?

    ICE & Electrics
    Anybody managed to do it? any info is highly appreciated Wonder if I could plant a Galaxy tab on the dash console, but no idea where to start yet :)