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  1. Astra Technical aka The Workshop
    Hi. I am new here but have been driving, racing, breaking and fixing Vauxhalls for years. I recently identified oil in the expansion bottle of my 2010 1.8 SRi Astra Mk5 with the Z18xer engine. No water in oil and never any losses to coolant level immediately points to some kind of Oil cooler...
  2. Astra H
    Has anyone been able to find cams that fit the XER engine? Would fast road cams for the z18xe fit the XER? Thanks, H
  3. Astra H
    Can i put a 1.8 sri engine into a 1.4 sxi shell cars not quick as i would like so thinking of putting a 1.8 or even a 2 litre into it is it possible and does other stuff need adding or modifying???? TIA Chris
  4. Astra H
    Hi Everybody, I have an issue with my Astra H Z18XER, which is the engine sometimes overheating. By observing the temperature it rises up to 117-118 C and sometimes 120 before going down to 107-108 C, then goes up quickly to 117-118 C. It keeps going up and down like that, and in some cases...
  5. Astra H
    Hi :wave:, Another newbie here. I have got a 2007 Astra with the Z18XER engine, now at 78k and the clutch is slipping quite a bit now. Been looking at Eurocarparts and been thinking of getting on of the LUK kits, I am now doing around 22k miles a year so want something that's going to last...
  6. Vans
    A quick introduction, I'm 18 working at a technician in a Vauxhall dealership on the south coast. I've been driving my Astra H 3 door z16XER Design sport for over a year now and frankly already got board of it! So I've purchased this 1.9cdti (19dt) sportif for £800 Time for opinions, I hate...
1-6 of 6 Results