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  1. Is this a daft idea?

    Astra H
    So my current V grille is getting chipped to pieces from those dreaded stones on the road. Im going to be re-spraying it in a couple of week once I have the paint (im skint) :shock:. My thought process is this... If I body colour the grill, then clear coat it, it will just chip again like it...
  2. Rear VXR bumper on a 5 door Astra (custom)

    5 Door
    I have custom made my own rear bumper. 3 door VXR bumper on 5 door. This is not a fiberglass replica this is 2 original Vaux bumpers that i cut and molded together. Thanks to Mitch Y for supplying me with the VXR bumper. I will upload more photos when i have finished the rest. Progress - Trial...