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wing mirror

  1. Can anyone recommend scrapyard for astra mark 5 facelift 59 wing mirror?

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    I'm in Glasgow but the local scrapyards don't seem to have a mark 5 facelift version (59 plate) wing mirror passenger side and mines been vandalised. Can anyone recommend a scrapyard/second hand parts supplier who might have a lot of Astra parts including Mk V facelift and would post this part...
  2. Can anyone advise on Mark V wing mirror 59 plate facelift differences?

    Astra H
    My Astraghini has been vandalised! Can any of you Astra experts out there let me know if it is possible to fit a standard Mark V Astra wing mirror to a Mark V Astra facelift version (59 plate) car. Some hoodlum has whacked my passenger side wing mirror off and broken it entirely. A new part...
  3. If someone bumps into the wing mirror will it damage the inside electrics or the wing

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    I was waiting inside my car for my dad then he runs out and accidentally bumps into the passenger wing mirror with his elbow/hands. I cant check as its too dark but it made a loud noise and I'm worried if the wing mirror was moved with force instead of electrically adjusted. Im just scared if...
  4. Carbon wrapping my car

    hey guys im wanting to carbon wrap my wing mirrors, my front V grill and the back strip on the boot. im just wondering how much carbon wrap i will need to buy to do it all in one go. i am fairly new to this but i know how to do it. just want to buy the correct amount and get it done in one...
  5. Wing mirror part EVERYONE needs!

    Astra H
    Hey Guys and Girls So after being extremely frustrated from the fact that Vauxhall don't supply this part, I've finally found someone selling it: Its the bottom plastic part of the wing mirror that usually gets stolen or broken and we all have to buy a WHOLE NEW MIRROR!! (which is horrible for...