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  1. Astra H
    Hi all, we've got a really weird problem with our astra twintop 1.9cdti, 57 plate, (which is totally keyless). The alarm kept going off randomly for the last few days, so yesterday, my husband opened the car with his keyless fob (that worked), and tried to start it. Nothing happened except the...
  2. Astra H
    Hi all, First post here so do be kind. My driver's side window seems to have a fault. When up, it will go down perfectly fine. However once it is down it refuses to go up - does anyone have any suggestions on what will be faulty or any troubleshooting ideas to help find the cause? Many...
  3. Astra H
    The problems are as following, hoping for some good advice/solutions: 1. Window on right rear door drops down 10cm when locking car from the outside using remote key. 2. Can't get window up from inside on the window button on rear door. 3. Can ONLY get window UP from driver door panel, not...
  4. Astra H
    I'm having this problem, when I press to roll up the windows it will fully go up but there will be a intermittent clicking or creaking noise which it sounds like it isn't even fully up . Therefore I have to press the window button again to stop it from making the strange clicking noise and makes...
  5. Astra H Anyone had this problem and knows the cause ? Any prices on how much it costs? Thanks
1-5 of 5 Results