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wind deflectors

  1. Heko Wind deflectors wooshing

    Astra H
    When on the motor way, my wind deflector make wooshing sound and i can also feel a slight breeze coming in , which is really anoying when inside the car driving. i never had this problem in my previous cars. I used the 2 clips provided to hold em into place like i always have but that obviously...
  2. Team Heko Wind Deflectors 3 Door Brand New Unopened

    Parts For Sale - No Gauging Interest Threads
    I have brand new Team Heko Astra H 3 door wind deflectors for sale. They are un-opened as I made the mistake of ordering the 3 door instead of 5 door deflectors. They were bought from LMF and are in the original packaging. They are £28.96 plus £7.50 postage from LMF. I will let these go for £25...