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  1. Astra H wheel and Tyre upgrades?

    Astra H
    Looking to change my stock 2006 astra h 1.6 sxi wheels, not sure on the best sizes, im looking at gloss black astra sri pentas for the wheels but not sure whether 17" or 18" alloys are best and what tyres fit these best. What are other people running? any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. Wheel Nut Caps/Covers for Astra J VXR Alloys

    Astra J/GTC
    I recently swapped my 17" standard alloys for 18" VXR alloys on my Astra J. I'm wondering what wheel nut caps to buy for them as the caps off the original alloys do not suit as they are designed to fit into the deep bolt holes that were on the original alloys. They do fit but they stick out over...
  3. Can I (should I) tighten my own wheels?

    General Motoring Chat
    I am looking to buy some snow tyres. They are very useful where I live. My idea is to buy some steel wheels with the snow tyres on them and change the wheels myself between seasons. I am just wondering if the following practice is road safe and also if it's not damaging to the car: 1. Use torque...
  4. 20" Wheels VXR

    FAO All browsing Guests
    Hi Guys, it's been a while.......does anyone know what tyres-if any-aside from 245/40/20 that will fit the 20" VXR wheel without compromising safety and handling? :):confused:
  5. Replacement wheel nuts

    Astra J/GTC
    This is panning out to be a pain in the ass and probably unnecessarily. Someone has pinched 2 wheel nuts from the front wheels. Not locking ones, just the bog standard ones. I'm taking the opportunity to look at replacing these two plus a couple of others which are beginning to look chewed...
  6. Alloy Wheel Advice

    Hello, I have an Astra J SRI Sports Tourer 2.0CDTI 165 currently on 17" alloys (standard Vauxhall - 225/50/17 7J with 40 offset). I am looking at a set of 19" alloys that are 225/35/19 8.5J 40 offset. According to the following will occur: Ride height drop of 8.35mm and an...
  7. mk 5 astra wheel fitment

    Astra H
    Hi guys i was wondering if any one had any pictures of 18'' 8'' et45 alloys fitted or if any one can tell me how much more thy will sit in than standard 18'' pentas. any help is much appreciated as i am a noob when it comes to alloy wheel fitment. thank you in advanced.
  8. Minimum wheel size

    Astra J/GTC
    Hi, Could someone please tell me whats the minimum wheel size I can fit to my 2012 Astra 2.0ltr CDti SRI? I'm looking to get winter tyres for the car but it's currently got 17" with the slightly awkward 225/50/17 tyre size. Plus i'm thinking if I can get a spare set of 16's, store them then I...
  9. Offroad/Winter Tyres

    Astra Chat
    Hi All, Usual excuse, Im new to this... I have a 1.4 2011 Astra and I was looking for winter tyres to keep me going through the Scottish highlands during winter. I have found some off road tyres that might fit if I get new steels, was looking for some advice, has anyone done this before, if so...
  10. Opinions [Subject: Stance]

    Astra H
    Hey guys, I'm completely new to the Network and this is my first post/thread. Basically, I lowered my car the other day but I'm not completely satisfied with how its looking. My Astra: 17inch wheels (All I know), Lowered 60mm all round. Im looking to get a lower ground clearance and better...
  11. Metallic Squeak somewhere by wheel at 30mph

    Astra H
    Afternoon all! Ive noticed that my car had developed some kind of metal to metal squeal somewhere at the front of the car whilst driving at around 30mph (stuck behind tractors). I have attached a youtube video of it making this noise, its rather...
  12. VXR style 18" wheels?

    Astra H
    Has anybody bought vxr style wheels?
  13. Astra F Alloys?

    Hi, guys, I'm looking for some photos of Astra F with this alloys -> Have someone tried this combination? I'm about to buy this model rims and I want to see how they stand on an Astra F. Thanks!
  14. Help! New wheels.

    Astra H
    Okay so, i'm looking at buying some new wheels for my '58 plate 3 door Astra. Preferably 18" as 17's look small with the big arches of the Astra. I've been looking alot on eBay and there's a set that I keep coming back to. These ones...
  15. Wheel refurb

    Astra H
    I am looking for a place to have my wheels refurbed either on The Wirral or Liverpool or close to both any ideas ?
  16. Changing the colour of my wheels

    hey, hoping this hasn't been asked a thousand times already :lol:, couldn't really find anything on the search I'm planning on spraying my Penta's, they are in relatively good shape except the lacquer has started to peal in places, the paint hasn't gone through yet and they have not started...