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  1. Thoughts on the the ebay opcom units ?

    Astra H
    hi im new if this has already been posted please tag me in the thread and delete this ! I have been watching youtube videos on people activating cruise control with the stalk, activating the more in depth trip computer (mpg read out etc) with £20 kits on ebay. are these dangerous ive been told...
  2. My new and my first astra H !

    Astra H
    So today I went to look at a 57 Vauxhall astra 1.6 design facelift for a replacement to my 2002 1.2 corsa c - First impressions the car certainly sold itself to me very clean, cared for car. Then got given the key and left alone by the salesmen (which i really like) to look around the car. As...
  3. My corsa c 1.2 sxi (Long read but photos aswell !)

    Other Vauxhalls
    hello all im new to the forum everyone seems friendly and seen some very nice cars ! My names Scott im 20 years old from the Wirral ! I drive a 52 plate Vauxhall corsa 1.2 sxi (which ive owned for a full 2 years now ) Since i was 16 and left school i had always wanted to save up and buy a car...
  4. Double DIN stereo fitting

    Astra H
    Hello Guys, Was really hoping someone within the forum could help me. I have purchased a Kenwood 405BT DPX double din head unit, which has come with no cables (was bought second hand). My question to you guys is, can you please tell me all the cables I will need in order to use this head...
  5. My Vauxhall Astra Sxi

    5 Door
    New to this forum, so bare with me please on any mistakes!:D So here's my Vauxhall Astra Sxi bought her Aug '13 standard. Then the detailing began... Put HID's on her with my mate, was pretty hard since never doing it before This is how it looked after Then got ice blue sidelights -...
  6. MW Performance Open Day - Sunday 4th August 10am Onwards - FREE ENTRY & CLUB STAND!

    North West
    MW Performance Open Day - Sunday 4th August 10am Onwards - FREE ENTRY & CLUB STAND! MW Performance Open Day Due to last year’s success and outstanding turnout, MW Performance will be hosting another open day this year at our premises based in Chester. This will be the last one for a few...
  7. Work starts weekend :)

    New Member Introductions
    Virgin astra 1.8 sri ;) double din screen, audio n tints firstly :)U<a href="" target="_blank"><img...
  8. mechanical fault on flip key fob, will it be covered under warranty?

    Astra J/GTC
    as the title suggests, my key fob has gone a bit funny today, the mechanism which locks and unlocks the blade is not functioning correctly, ie it is stuck in its place and the spring doesn't seem to be working fine. There are no problems with the locking, unlocking and starting the car. would...
  9. Project | Astra | Project

    3 Door
    Just joined the forum after purchasing my Astra. It's the 1.4 16v LS model in 3DR, low mileage (54,000) and drives very well. Comments?