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  1. Immobiliser light on, ignition dead, window stuck open.

    Astra H
    Hi all, we've got a really weird problem with our astra twintop 1.9cdti, 57 plate, (which is totally keyless). The alarm kept going off randomly for the last few days, so yesterday, my husband opened the car with his keyless fob (that worked), and tried to start it. Nothing happened except the...
  2. Twintop roof and boot fault

    Astra H
    Hi all, I'm new to the group and to the twintop. I've had to put my roof up manually as it wouldn't go up on it's own after half a day trying. I followed the instructions from the owner's manual and now my boot lid will not open and I also get a constant warning gong when I go over 20mph. All...
  3. Performance exhaust for Astra twintop

    N/A Tuning
    Hi folks this is my first post. I have an astra mk5 1.8 twintop and I was looking for a performance exhaust. I seen the one I wanted but was told it wasn't for the twintop but only for the mk5 but I assumed that the chassis on all the mk5's would be the same. So can someone please tell if the...
  4. New Astra H owner questions

    Astra H
    Hi I am a new Vauxhall owner as I just bought my wife a 2007 Twin Top. Full service history, only 55,000 miles. It's a 1.8 automatic. The only issue it has is an oil leak from the cam cover dribbling down the front of the engine. Is this an easy fix? Are there any other issues I should look out...
  5. Astra H twintop sunvisor bracket GM13238196

    Astra H
    Hi there, I was wondering where i can find this part ( GM part number: 13238196 if there is any of you that has this as a part could you send it to cyprus by post? official dealer would sell them at ridiculous price here in Cyprus Best regards...
  6. Sick Twintop with some fault codes to ponder......

    Astra H
    So here's the history: Last month went to the car.... dead. Called RAC who confirmed was dead - they replaced it..... Engine started but NO power steering.... Vauxhall dealer quoted £900 for new alternator ... as this WAS the cause. Took it elsewhere alternator changed - still n power steering...
  7. Reverse camera 4 pin connection

    Astra H
    Received reverse camera for vxmmi today and is powered direct from the head unit with a 4 pin connector rather than wiring it to the reverse lights as I was led to believe....great stuff! Downside is I didn't think I'd have to remove the bumper! Lol!
  8. Twintop roof/boot seals

    Astra H
    Does anyone know where to get boot/roof seals from other than dealers? It's just about 4 years old and had it since new, is this about the right time for them to be changed? Are they difficult to replace? Has anyone changed them themselves? How much do dealers charge? Just given it a good...
  9. Twintop power fold mirrors fitted

    Astra H
    Just fitted power folding mirrors to my twintop. Not a big job but really pleased with them. Auto unfolded when I started the engine but only once. Should this happen on each startup?
  10. FK Coilovers Fitted!

    Well dispite the bad snow during the week managed to Venture out and get my FK coilovers Fitted! Mucho Happy with the Results Before Picture (Only one i could find on my PC) When Fitted! (Like the Lowness of the Front but down to the back wheels scrubbing if its any lower it looked funny...