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  1. Opel Astra GTC 1.7 cdti 101hp performance upgrades?

    Diesel Tuning
    Hello, I'm super new to this forum and i hope to get some help here! I recently got an Opel Astra H GTC 1.7 cdti 101hp (74kw) and i would like to know what performance upgrades i should do to get the best performance out of this engine. I know a remap can do like 125-130hp and that's it. Also i...
  2. Remapping

    Astra H
    So I've read In some places that the 1.7 astra can be over 100bhp it says it is maybe about 110bhp? Is there any truth in this, going for a remap next week looking at a gain of around 35bhp and 40ftlbs, hopefully they can squeeze out a bit more, if it turns out it is 110 standard on the RR...
  3. 2014 GTC Sport (120) mods/tuning

    Performance Tuning & Modifying
    Hi folks, I'm new on here and am a bit of a motoring noob. (However I am very keen to learn new things about my car). I'm having a bit of a debate with what to do with my car. I have been in touch with TMS about getting a remap and the panel filter for my car, I am looking at TMS as they...
  4. Tuning....worth it in this case?

    Astra H
    So i fitted the custom decat branch and 50mm stainless exhaust in my 1.8, and ive loved the driving experience even more. As any of us do when we get a better sounding exhaust :D But since then ive been wondering if its necessary to go get it remapped for 750, or save that and wait to get a...
  5. 1.9 cdti 150 remap flat spot HELP!

    Diesel Tuning
    Hi. Hopefully somebody out there might have a little knowledge on this? I took my astra to get remapped today. It went on the rolling road and produced a healthy 155.5bhp with 287.7nm torque with a good curve. However, once a new map was loaded it reached 189.2bhp, 320.7 torque BUT had a...
  6. DTUK Eco3 (Green) for Astra H CDTi 150Bhp

    Parts For Sale - No Gauging Interest Threads
    Morning, I'm planning on OX'ing my beloved H soon, so decided I'd sell some parts first. Any questions, please ask and don't be afraid to make a cheeky might get lucky ;) DTUK Eco3 Green Bought from Abyss/DTUK about 2yrs ago and has been on my car for about 30,000. Not a massive...
  7. 1.7 Remap in the North West best place?

    Diesel Tuning
    just bought a 1.7 SRI CDTI 2008 plate, 40k. looking to get it remapped, just wondering what gains i am likely to see and where the best place to get it done? cheers!
  8. Eco3 150-202???

    3 Door
    Hi Have had my astra bout a year and half now and only just joining the site :D I recently seen a video on youtube and thought to myself mmm that would be nice!!!:love: Just wanna know what peoples views are on those eco3 tuning boxes? Do they do harm...