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  1. Can I (should I) tighten my own wheels?

    General Motoring Chat
    I am looking to buy some snow tyres. They are very useful where I live. My idea is to buy some steel wheels with the snow tyres on them and change the wheels myself between seasons. I am just wondering if the following practice is road safe and also if it's not damaging to the car: 1. Use torque...
  2. clutch torque settings

    Astra G
    Hi, Does anyone know the clutch tourque settings for the presure plate? 2004 astra g 1.7cdti. Thanks
  3. Astar 1.6t boost through torque app

    Astra H
    Hi, I was using the android torque app to log a couple of things in my astra H 1.6t sri and noticed something weird. Car seems to be boosting very high, peaking at 30psi then slowly decreasing over time. I haven't remapped it but it could have been in the past. Anybody know why it would...
  4. CANbus Info Electrical Scheme, Info?

    Astra J/GTC
    Hi everyone! I wonder if anyone has information about CanBus for this model car, Opel Astra J. In any car we have several CANbus input and only one of them we can get more information. I do not know if anyone can access that information, I'm on a project in which we would like to extract all...
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" 3g + Wifi 16gb plus extras

    General For Sale - No Gauging Interest Threads
    I have for sale my Galaxy Tab P1000 with extras specs: This unit has 3g + Wifi so if you have a data sim then you have internet all over :) Whats included 1x Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" 3g + Wifi - 16gb - boxed in excellent condition 1x...