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  1. Astra H
    Hello! I am going to replace my CIM because I am having too many issues with the horn/steering wheel controls. I am going to use a CIM i took from another car. I had a GM tech friend use Tech2 to unpair/divorce the CIM back to delivery state before it was removed from the car, so I should be...
  2. West Midlands
    Long time no post for me... I picked up a sheddy Saab a few weeks ago that has an intermittent ABS issue at high speed. I assume it is a sensor or ring that is causing the issue, but I need Tech 2 to confirm which wheel(s) is(are) causing the problem without having to guess. Looking for...
  3. East of England
    Hi! New to the forum but came highly recommended! I no longer have an astra, but wondered if anyone near to me (NN13, Brackley area) would be able to tech2 my cruise control on my Antara, or recommend the best place to go, or even where to look on the forum? Thanks all! Mike
  4. Performance Tuning & Modifying
    Hello I am a owner of new Astra H / 2008. Before I owned very old car - pre-ODB. Now I want to make some tweaks on my Astra-H specially on Radio, CD, Light control, automatic door locking and so on... I found that I need something like OP-COM and/or TECH2 (HW and SW). Can somebody tell me what...
  5. Astra Technical aka The Workshop
    Hi guys, Just a quickie, I have an OBD Tester and fault code clearer / reader already BUT... Ive noticed a lot of you on here have your own OP-COM systems. Im assuming that means you are able to marry / divorce parts from your cars, and change settings on your Electrical centers etc from a...
  6. Yorkshire
    Hi, I'm looking for someone to tech 2 some various bits and pieces into my 1.4 Astra SXi 3dr, can anyone recommend anyone ? Thanks
  7. Scotland
    On the back of some comments/requests from members I'm posting this thread to see if we have enough interest in getting stampede (Adam) up to work his Tech2 and SMD magic on our cars. Having spoken to Adam today, the weekend of the 7 & 8 December has been earmarked, please can you confirm if...
  8. West Midlands
    Has anyone that has got an opcom that lives to wolverhampton which they could connect to my car? Having p2279 fault code problems and checked and changed all the relevant stuff so hoping opcom could shed some light on the situation?
  9. Parts For Sale - No Gauging Interest Threads
    Morning, PX'ing my car shortly so starting to remove some of the additional bits. I retrofitted Cruise Control about 30,000 ago and it's been used daily without fail - love it. Mine is an SRi CDTi 150 but I'm guessing this would fit on a variety of models providing you have the clutch switch...
1-9 of 9 Results